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Hands-on Leadership

I provide hands-on leadership, as formal or informal leader within your company.

Do you need help with a new or existing team? I create environments that stimulate people to be the best they can be. Hands-on, in a formal or informal role.

“When we tell people to do their jobs, we get workers. When we trust people to get the job done, we get leaders.”

Every company needs leadership. Both formal (managers/executives) as informal. The most important job of a leader is to help his or her team to figure out how to do things themselves, help them get things done and let them achieve more then they thought were possible.

I have experience in creating such environments. I started doing this before I knew why it was important, during my younger years in Scouting. Making sure everyone felt safe to be who they were, that everyone knew and commit to what we want to achieve and give credits to those who deserve it. This resulted in happy people and a team that achieved more they believed was possible!

In my professional life I started creating similar environments in the teams I was a part of. This led to teams who allowed me to lead them from within, instead of from a position of authority. Once I started reading and learning more about leadership by the books from Simon Sinek, Jim Collins and André de Waal things fell in to place for me. This is what drives me, this is what I’m good at and this is how I can help people, teams and organizations.

I do believe you can lead most efficient in a context you are knowledgeable in. For me this is IT & Software Development. And with the information era in full effect, in the end all companies are IT companies.

So if you need help build or (re-)organize your team(s): I can help you! In either formal or informal leadership roles. Let me know what you need.

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Hey, I’m Tijmen, nice to meet you!

I'm a dad of 3 girls, Scout for 25+ years, Army Veteran and an Agile & High Performance Leader.

I have worked at several IT & Development companies in different leadership roles over the past 10 years after I left the military. I enjoy creating environments where people can perform at their best. I do this using my core values Fit, Focus, Flexible, Fun and Family. I offer training, coaching, advice and/or hands-on leadership. View my services to learn more about how I can help or check about to find out what drives me.

I’d love to learn about your company and see how I can help!

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